We are very excited to announce our partnership with 10x — a world-leading financial services digital tech service — who have committed to support #YSYS2023, our bold mission to connect 100,000 diverse individuals to startup and career opportunities in tech by 2023.

“We are delighted to be working with YSYS, an organisation which aligns so well with our values of transformation, integrity and impact. Our partnership with YSYS supports our drive to empower our employees, invest in our culture and build better networks connected to our technology communities. Importantly, it also joins…

Today we’re excited to announce #YSYSAccessWeek: to celebrate 4 years of campaigning for a diverse, inclusive and accessible tech ecosystem.

This year theme is ‘Access’ and from March 1st — March 4th, 2021 we will be launching new initiatives and hosting online conversations all aimed towards championing accessibility:

#MyAccessMeans (Monday 1st March 2021)

On Monday…


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